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Dental Crowns

Do you need new dental crowns? Maybe you need to replace aging dental crowns that have become loose, chipped or have decay under them?  Dental crown repair or replacement is often a simple and virtually painless procedure. At Artistic Dental, our dentists will evaluate the life expectancy of your existing dental crowns and, if necessary, will replace them with beautiful new dental crowns or bridges.

A crown is a tooth-shaped covering or “cap” that is cemented over a tooth to restore its shape, strength and appearance. Crowns may be needed to protect a weak tooth and prevent it from breaking, to restore an already broken tooth, or to cover teeth with large fillings when there is not much original tooth left.

Watch this movie to understand what Dental Crowns Are

Dental Bridges

When dental crowns are connected, they can act as dental "bridges" between gaps due to missing teeth and create natural-looking, beautiful smiles. In the past, the substance of choice for many dental bridges or crowns was gold. While gold is still a very good choice for dental restorations, many patients prefer the tough-as-nails porcelain dental crowns used by our dentists here at Artistic Dental. Porcelain creates a much more aesthetically pleasing result and, with today’s advanced materials, can be used in most applications.

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