Your First Visit

Welcome to our practice!


Step 1 – Request an Appointment

If you have not yet scheduled an appointment, you may do so by filling out our form up in the middle of the banner or by calling our office at (732) 942-0909.


Step 2 – Confirm Your Insurance Benefits PRIOR to Your Visit

Please call your insurance company and confirm that the visit will be covered. We are NOT able to confirm these benefits for you. Listed below are the procedure codes that are typically billed at a routine initial visit. 

Procedure Codes: 
Comprehensive Exam D0150 $95.00 
Prophylaxis (Cleaning) D1110 $115.00 
Full Mouth Series D0210 $140.00 
Flouride (optional, for children) D1208 $53.00 
If you learn that something will not be covered, please call us PRIOR to your appointment to discuss other options. 
* Please note that coverage of these items are often subject to a frequency limitation. Additionally, the codes may differ if the visit is for a child. If you will not have coverage for your x-rays (D0210) through your insurance company, you are welcome to have your most recent set of films forwarded to us by your previous dentist. These films must be received prior to your first visit. If your films are not received prior to your dental appointment, we will have to take a new set at the time of your visit. You are also welcome to bring in a hard copy if email is not an option. Please forward films to:



Step 3 – New Patient Registration Forms

After you schedule your appointment, please fill out our new patient forms on-line prior to your appointment. Please take a moment to review the Office policy and Informed Consent, as well, prior to your appointment.