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Dental Exam

Older white patient sitting in dental chair calmly discussing his oral health with his Black female dentistOur parents and our dentists have instilled in us the importance of brushing and flossing at least twice a day. Doing that helps to keep our mouths clean and makes it less likely for us to develop harmful conditions. When paired with professional cleanings and examinations, they provide the best protection against damaging conditions or illnesses in the oral cavity. Some of these conditions could include sores, ulcers, abscesses, and tissue growths which might warrant additional examination. For some patients, tissue samples may be sent out to an external lab for additional analysis.

Some patients might be nervous and anxious when considering dental care. They should understand regular examinations need to occur in order to keep the oral cavity as healthy as possible. It allows any conditions indicative of disease or illness to be identified and assessed. This can only happen when patients come in with regularity. Some of the conditions which can be identified include cavities, tooth decay, oral cancer, and periodontal disease. Each of those can wreak havoc on the oral cavity and require invasive and expensive procedures to correct when left untreated over time. Patients should come in to see us at our Artistic Dental office for an assessment for suggested treatments.

The Importance of Dental Exams

While there are many patients who deal with concerns when considering going to the dentist, most are concerned with dealing with the pain associated with invasive procedures. They should know during the course of the examination and cleaning, there is only a mild sense of discomfort. This occurs when bacteria, plaque, and tarter are removed, as well as scraping the tooth surfaces both above and below the gum line.

Examination Details

Perhaps the most important component of the examination is maintaining and updating the patient’s medical records. By recording details of the examination, our staff is able to determine what future care the patient might require. It also allows us to record any changes in prescription medications which can impact suggested care for the patient.

Patients should note that while gathering oral cavity information is important, the examination is not just limited to the mouth. Our staff also examines the jaw, head, neck, and mouth to ensure proper health. Our staff looks for any issues with limited range of motion, ulcers, discolored patches, and odd tissue growth not only in, but around, the oral cavity. X-rays will be used to determine the health of the jawbones, gums, and teeth.

Following the examination, our staff will remove all plaque, bacteria, and tartar from the patient’s teeth. This includes areas above and below the gum line. Every examination includes an oral cancer screening. We look for any tissue which might warrant a more in-depth examination.

Any patients who have questions about examinations should stop by our Artistic Dental office to discuss it. We are always willing to improve our patient’s understanding and knowledge of our oral health practices. We can be reached at (848) 222-3984. Please, do not hesitate to call with questions or concerns. We take patient care seriously.
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Dental Exam in Jackson NJ
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