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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy in Jackson provided by Drs. Bookman, Goldberg, and Seto at .

3D rendered cross-section view of a tooth and its rootsRoot canals are a common procedure in dentistry today. They are currently non-invasive but at one time, root canals were highly invasive and quite painful. The good news is times have changed. As with most dental procedures, there have been considerable advances in both technology and technique, and this is why they are no longer as painful as they once were as well as now are non-invasive.

Root canals require two separate appointments to complete. The good news is after the surgery has been completed, patients experience instant relief from the associated tooth pain they experienced prior to the root canal. Any patients experiencing considerable pain in a specific tooth should come to our Artistic Dental office for an examination.

What is Involved in a Root Canal?

For a successful root canal surgery, all bacteria, dead tissue, and plaque need to be thoroughly removed from the surgical site. Dental instruments are used to remove the dead tissue and while it can be somewhat uncomfortable, it is absolutely necessary. If dead tissue remains, an infection can set in and continue to cause damage to the tooth’s interior. This could spread to the pulp and dentin inside the heart of the tooth. If the tooth is damaged too severely and its health too greatly compromised, a tooth extraction might be in order.

Staff applies a numbing solution to both the tooth and the surrounding gums, to ensure the patient remains pain-free and relaxed during the dental surgery. Many situations require the use of a dental dam, which is employed to keep the tooth dry and clean throughout the procedure. Drills are utilized to expose the infected area of the tooth. Removing the infection might entail taking out all of the pulp and dentin from the inside of the tooth. Once removed, the malleable resin is used to properly fill the missing section to stop any further infection from occurring.

Root Canal Surgery Recovery

Patients may experience some discomfort associated with the root canal procedure. It is recommended they take it easy for the first week following the root canal. They should also watch what they eat during the recovery period. They should not eat raw vegetables or ice and should not chew on fingernails or pen caps. The tooth needs to completely heal before the patient's normal diet can be resumed. After it has healed completely, the tooth's functionality will return to normal. All pain will be gone.

Those patients suffering from acute tooth pain, and who have shied away from doing anything about it, should not put it off any longer. Come in to see us today at Artistic Dental, so we can assess the tooth in question and determine if a root canal is necessary. Our staff is also available by phone. Our number is (848) 222-3984. Feel free to reach out to us today for either a phone consultation or to set up an appointment.

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Root Canal Treatment in Jackson NJ
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